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unfold the bottom tough tarp Step One:
Unfold the bottom Tough Tarp, preferably on a gentle slope. Set up your PVC pipes, (these hold up the edges of the tarp). Also shown here are the optional Drive-On end pieces.
spread out the tough tar over the PVC pipes Step Two:
Finish spreading out the Tough Tarp over the 3" PVC pipes (available at your local building supply stores) and end pieces. You can also make your own end pieces from 2" x 4" lumber. Buy the cheap sewer and drain thin wall light blue 4" x 10' PVC pipe. (without the belled end) Crush 3000, ASTM: D-2729 MS.
now you're ready to wash the vehicle Step Three:
Now your ready to drive the vehicle onto the Tough Tarp. You and your customers are in compliance with environmental regulations, especially if you're working on gravel or dirt surface
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