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Custom Pool Cover Fair Price For The Highest Quality
Custom Pool Cover Fair Price For The Highest Quality

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D.S. Sewing, Inc. Safety Pool Cover 800 789-8143

We repair or duplicate the following brands: Rayner, Loop-loc, Merlin, Anchor, Meyco, Cantar, and more. Your pool's winter safety cover needs replacement or repair. Your search is over! D.S. Sewing, Inc. will repair holes, chafe strips or other damage. Or match the straps to your concrete anchors bolts and duplicate your inground pool cover EXACTLY. We use only the highest-grade commercial fabric to make our residential pool covers.

One thing I've learned over the years is that our new customers' biggest concern is shipping their old pool cover to us. They wonder if we will be honest about the swimming pool cover's condition. They wonder if we will replace their pool's safety cover when it only needs repairs. You can always take a photo of your inground pool cover. Send it to us, sales@ds-sewing.com, and we'll give you a rough quote. But not until your winter pool cover is here can we give you a firm, fixed price for repairing or replacing it. By all means, put your pool's winter cover in a box and send it to us here at D.S. Sewing, Inc. 40 Hockanum Blvd Vernon, CT 06066

But first inspect your pool cover yourself! You will be educated in advance about its true condition:

Make sure the cover is clean for mold and mildew. Take photos of your cover. Attach your contact and return shipping info into the box. We will call you when your cover arrives. On the phone together we will review the condition of your cover.

Or come in between 9:00 to 3:00, Monday to Friday. Call first to make sure we have open floor space. Plan on spending an hour here for opening, inspecting, and pricing your cover.

(800) 789-8143.

D.S Sewing now stocks the most popular pool covers.
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