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    As boaters ourselves,we knew there had to be a better way to cover our vessels during the off-season. Those so call blue tarps are difficult to fasten properly. They rip, rot and can't be repaired. On the other hand, shrink-wrapping is expensive, lasts only one year, and can prevent you from working on the inside of your boat. Our custom winter boat storage covers are ideal, -- if only they were affordable.

    D.S. Sewing's Custom Boat Tarp is an economical, effective hybrid of a tarp and a custom winter storage cover. It's reasonably priced, easy to install, and much more durable than typical covers and tarps.Our Custom Boat Storage Tarps and Covers apply our time proven truck tarp technology to the marine winter-storage problem.

    Our Custom Boat Tarp is custom fit to your boat. This eliminates the excess material around the corners that makes it so difficult to lash a rectangular tarp to your boat. In addition to brass grommetts around the perimeter, our tarp features two lengthwise rows of reefing grommets on each side approximately one foot above the deck, several feet from the hem. These reefing points enable you to achieve a snug fit and lash the tarp tightly to prevent wind damage. Our boat tarps are sold without a frame.


   The custom boat tarp is made of 18 oz. vinyl-polyester. That's the same tough fabric used in our truck tarps, which must withstand serious abuse from wind and abrasion. Tensile strength is 450 by 400lbs. Fabric is 100% waterproof. Seams are 1' heat sealed. 11/2" webbing is lockstitch sewn around the hem and along the rows of reefing grommets with 2 rows of UV-treated polyester thread. Solid brass grommets (#2 rolled-rim tooth) are set into the webbing one foot apart ( the grommets on "blue" tarps are typically three or four feet apart. They're prone to rip-outs and often made of metal that corrodes and rusts.) Colors are; Blue, Red, Black, Green (per availability). Sizes and prices; Your custom boat tarp is made of the size and shape that you specify. Price is approximately .85 per square foot ( measured length by width ). Please call for an exact quote and ask about our other fabric options.

   With reasonable care and use, the D.S. Sewing Custom Boat Tarp will provide many years of service. In the event your tarp is damaged, it can be patched easily (sewn,cemented or heat sealed). We also offer a repair service or a do-it-yourself patch kit.

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